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Feminine Capital
Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs



Chapter Preview

June 30, 2016

Hosted by Birckbeck Institute, Barbara's keynote address will focus on the association between gender in entrepreneurship and economic growth. 


June 12, 2016

This bi-annual conference brings gender and entrepreneurship scholars together to share work-in-process. Catherine and Barbara look forward to meeting colleages in the land of the ­midnight sun, above the Arctic Circle. We will present two papers focusing on ‘feminist entrepreneurial identity’ and a 13 nation study of women's enterprise policy. 

April 05, 2016

#FEMCapital Campaign success! Book hits bestseller list!

Thank you Laurel Douglas and the Women's Enterprise Centre (BC) team. We also appreciate all the support of our Knowledge Exchange and Promotion Partners, including Women's Enteprise Organizations of Canada. Hurray!!!!!

January 23, 2016

Women in Computing Conference (University of Ottawa)

Catherine Elliott co-facilitated an interactive workshop of Engineers and women in computing who were challenged to develop entrepreneurs solutions to address a signficant social issue. 

November 25, 2015

Catherine and Barbara shared insights with members of WCT about strategies to leverage their feminine capital. Facilitated by Lynda Partner, Vice-President, Pythian (Ottawa) the audience and speakers also discussed the relevance of Feminine Capital for corporate leaders. 

November 16, 2015

The event included a presentation about the book by Barbara and Catherine followed by a panel discussion by thought leaders who discussed how technology and policy impact the ecosystem for women business owners.  Panelest of 'The Power of Women’s Enterprise'
Teri Kirk, Founding President, The Funding Portal Inc.

Janet Longmore, Founding President, Digital Opportunity Trust

Kathleen Kemp, 2015 Enactus National Winner, Cigbins

November 13, 2015

Power the Economy, WEConnect International Canada (Toronto)

Hosted by Astrid Pregel, CEO of Feminomics, this conference gathered corporate leaders in supplier diversity and inclusion. Barbara Orser's showcased new research conducted in collaboration with WEConnect International. The study found that global corporations with a disproportionate percentage of women in leadership roles are more likely to support supplier diversity.

October 23, 2015

Barbara Orser participated on a panel as part of a large-scale research project (TRIGGER). Housed at the Department of Management, Birkbeck University – this discussion focused on the differences in the challenges that women entrepreneurs face compared to their male counterparts. 

October 21, 2016

Global Women Enterprise Policy (Dundalk, Ireland)

Barbara Orser is the Canadian representative on international research team examining women’s enterprise policy. Led by Dr. Colette Henry of Dundalk Institute of Technology, the 3 year, 15-nation study is systematically examining policies and reporting. The trip included meeting with Canadian Ambassador to Ireland (and Canadian hero) Kevin Vickers. 

Telfer Entrepreneurs’ Club ELLE event brings women leaders to the University of Ottawa. The evening included a vibrant panel conversation moderated by Dr. Barbara Orser with a keynote address by Ottawa entrepreneur and women's enterprise champion Janice MacDonald.

September 09, 2015

Book Club Digest

To kick off the fall 2015 semester, we hosted a fireside conversation about Feminine Capital with our joint bookclubs. The evening provided new insights about the book, including how members saw the book as relevant to not only women entrepreneurs but all women leaders!

March 24, 2015

Diversity good for corporate bottom line. International Development Research Council

Anchored by Elizabeth Vazquez (President, WEConnect International) the panel focused on strategies to bolster women’s economic empowerment. Barbara Orser spoke about diversity and why women’s entrepreneurship is a bottom line issue. Corporations with diverse supply chains can rely on small firms to move products faster, deliver at lower costs, and be more flexible than traditional suppliers. Supplier diversity also helps corporations enhance their relations in foreign markets and establish credibility in local communities.

March 25, 2015

Celebrating Women's Enterprise - Ottawa

The book just arrived! 

This intimate wine and cheese was an opportunity to thank wonderful folks in the women’s enterprise support space for their valued contributions to Feminine Capital.

August 20, 2015

The Toronto conference’s overarching theme emphasized the role of entrepreneurship in a sustainable innovation ecosystem. A research paper presentation by Barbara focused on the gendered matrix of venture creation and inclusive models of enterprise.

Women's Startup Network - University of Ottawa

Launched in April 2015, Catherine is a lecturer and contributor to curriculum development. We are delighted that the first adoption of our book was in a faculty of engineering. Co-founded by University of Ottawa Engineering faculty members Dr. Anis and Dr. Mavriplis, this educational and peer mentoring program supports women engineers who are interested in developing an entrepreneurial mindset, leadership skills, and a network of women entrepreneurs.



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